Sign more profitable deals for your business. Learn the techniques of effective sales negotiation.

We train and coach sales and account teams to improve their negotiation skills for every stage of the sales cycle.

Sales negotiation training course

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Our clients’ typical negotiation problems

  • It’s about more than price “How to train our sales and account managers to negotiate better deals which take account of all the variables, not just price.”
  • Confidence, consistency & scalability “How to get all our sales and account managers to understand and adopt the fundamental skills, tools and processes used by professional negotiators.”
  • Procurement want different things “How to help all our commercial people understand how procurement professionals work in large enterprises and what they really need when responding to RFPs and negotiating with them.”
  • Where did the profit go “How to up-skill our account managers/directors to improve the way they negotiate scope-creep, variation-management, up-sells and contract extensions.”

Why do our clients trust Piscari for negotiation coaching?

We view sales, RFPs and negotiations through a “buyer’s lens”

  • Mike Lander, CEO Piscari, is an ex Procurement Director. He’s run countless RFP processes and negotiated hundreds of supplier deals with an aggregate value >£450m.
  • Client quote: “I think any company looking to get into the mind of the buyer should engage with Piscari”

We focus on sectors where we have deep expertise – we can tailor our programmes and advice to include your sector-specific scenarios

  • IT Services and technology
  • Marketing agencies
  • RPOs, MSPs, RecTech and Recruitment agencies
  • Professional Services
  • Media Publishing
  • Concierge services
  • Telecoms/IP

Our clients value our ability to co-create innovative commercial deals in the thick of a sales cycle.

  • Client quote: “My 1:1 sales coaching session allowed me to discuss sales issues I was experiencing. Piscari gave me great advice on how best to handle these in order to progress the sale. Overall I would consider this training/coaching essential for any sales person”.
Sales negotiation training course

Tailored in-house B2B sales negotiation training/coaching and procurement insights programmes

These programmes are designed for medium to large firms with a minimum of 10 sales/account management people.

Sales process and dashboard enhancements

Clients often ask us to review their sales pipeline structure/gating and sales reporting as part of our negotiation training/coaching programmes

Sales pipeline optimisation

RFP qualification review

RFP qualification and tender review

A big challenge faced by a lot of clients is RFP qualification, then converting their response into winning a piece of business. Having worked with many clients to help them solve this exact problem, we’ve developed a service offering to address this problem.

B2B sales negotiation training

Group B2B sales negotiation training and procurement insights programmes

These programmes are designed for smaller firms or individuals who want access to our expertise but aren’t looking for a tailored, in-house programme.

Next Level Negotiation© online course

We developed our online training course Next Level Negotiation© specifically to help sales people and account managers win more profitable commercial deals when negotiating with clients, especially when they meet procurement professionals.

Online procurement and negotiation training course

Sales negotiation coaching sessions

Clients often find themselves facing a negotiation deadline and need rapid access to independent expertise to help solve a specific challenge. We provide access (subject to availability) to our expert sales negotiation experts (who have been buyers previously) for ad-hoc coaching sessions.

Sales negotiation coaching

Negotiation templates

Negotiation “Higgle” workbook

If you negotiate deals as part of your job, this book is for you and will soon become your go-to resource for managing any negotiation, big or small.

Client quotes

“I approached Mike after attending a workshop that he ran for business owners. I was attracted by his process-driven approach to enterprise sales and the negotiation involved. We talked through the specific challenges we face at The Drum and Mike quickly came back with a programme tailored for us which included multiple facets such as team training sessions, systems improvement suggestions and one to one sessions for the sales team members. All of this was underpinned by regular update sessions driven by Mike and produced in conjunction with members of the senior team. The whole process has definitely added value to the business through more confident and equipped sales staff and better systems and processes. Mike has deep expertise on his topic and also a joy to work with.”

Diane Young

CEO, The Drum

“Despite having worked in the sector for some 20 years myself, I reached out to Mike (CEO, Piscari) to help us ensure that a submission for a complex research project would hit the mark with the commissioner. Mike has been utterly impressive. He dissected the brief and the client’s requirements with razor-sharp focus, and identified exactly what needed to be done to tick each and every procurement box. Mike’s forensic approach and constructive challenge forced us to plug gaps, identify efficiencies and really demonstrate (not just claim) our capabilities and expertise. He also helped us strike the balance right between the technical and commercial aspects of the procurement process. Mike’s expertise is matched by his warmth and general helpfulness. Altogether a hugely supportive experience, with plenty of learning that we can take to the next procurement process.”

Dr Marie-Claude Gervais

Co-founder and Research Director, Versiti

“Mike has been hugely helpful in recent weeks with our approach to sales opportunities and pricing. Using his extensive procurement experience it has really helped make our proposals more clear, our pricing easier to understand and also given us tactics to protect our margins, I couldn’t recommend Piscari more highly.”

Charlie Booth

Sales team manager, Backbone Connect

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