Today we’re joined by Chris Jones, the CEO of Space & Time, which is an independent agency focused on solution-agnostic and client-led growth marketing. Their unique operating model allows them to combine efforts from different areas and provide the most effective solutions for their clients.

Chris believes in focusing on output versus input, because what matters in their industry the most is the end result. An increasing number of clients are adopting a value-based pricing model which aligns interests of all parties.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • What makes Space & Time stand out as unconventional in the media space.
  • What Chris says they are laser-focused on and why they avoid certain labels.
  • Why he describes himself as a “serial learner.”
  • The shift towards a value-based pricing model and the challenges it brings.
  • How the right value-based pricing ratio is achieved.
  • The inputs that they maximize and minimize when creating solutions for clients.
  • Why putting an hourly rate on an outcome doesn’t make sense.
  • The importance of empathy.
  • High-level examples of what value-based relationships can look like.
  • The multi-faceted ways they qualify clients at Space & Time.
  • How burning the candle at both ends can impact results.
  • How the idea of a successful pipeline has shifted over time.
  • Their people-first approach to business and the importance of relationship building.
  • What the most powerful partnerships hinge upon and why it matters.
  • The sectors Space & Time thrives in and where you can find more information.

Space & Time: