Emma, the Chief Creative Officer at Edelman UK, joins us this week. With a diverse background that spans brand advertising, direct, and digital, Emma began her career as a PA before transitioning into a leading creative role. At Edelman, she is responsible for all of the creative output of the business.

In this episode, Emma explains all about creativity in business. We learn about the unique path her career has evolved on, and tackle the challenge of preserving creativity in corporate negotiations. We also explore how to value creative outcomes over time, involving creatives in financial decisions, and crafting success through creative financial innovation.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • Why flexibility is crucial in procurement processes to foster creativity.
  • What differences Emma sees between buying an undefined creative process and a known creative product.
  • Why Emma argues against the traditional model of billing by the hour for creative services.
  • “Thin slicing” and its importance in rapid decision-making in creativity.
  • More on why outcome-based engagement is more beneficial than time-based billing.
  • How the “bed, bath, or bus” concept relates to creativity and billing.
  • How involving creatives in financial discussions benefits the creative agency-client relationship.
  • The consequences of separating creative teams from media and strategy teams.
  • How Emma’s role at Edelman demonstrates an integrated team approach to creativity in business.
  • Why experience is crucial for quick and effective problem solving in creative industries.
  • How Emma’s background contributes to her understanding of the creative and commercial balance.
  • The challenges of aligning the best creative solutions with agency profitability.
  • How Emma’s insights reflect on the adaptability of the creative process to financial constraints.

Emma de la Fosse on LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/emmadelafosse