Stephen Cribbett, co-founder of Versiti, is a seasoned expert in business development and crafting winning business proposals. His background includes work with design and brand agencies, utilizing a consultative and listening-oriented approach to sales.

This week we’re diving into the strategies that set apart successful business proposals, along with how to secure wins in a competitive market. We also hear about how Stephen’s love for motorsport translates into the precision and strategic thinking needed in sales. We’ll even unpack the challenges small agencies face and the tactics they can utilize to outpace industry giants in the race to secure big projects.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • Why a consultative, listening-oriented approach can dramatically improve sales outcomes.
  • How understanding client needs aligns with crafting successful business proposals.
  • Why comparing racing precision to sales strategy offers valuable business insights.
  • How smaller agencies can compete with larger firms using academic insights.
  • Why specialized knowledge can transform an agency’s pitch from forgettable to front-runner.
  • How a “shall we bid” matrix helps agencies make rational decisions on project pursuits.
  • Why answering every question thoughtfully on tender documents is crucial for success.
  • How specialized expertise leads to winning high-profile projects without pitching.
  • How proactively addressing client issues positions an agency ahead of the competition.
  • Why using workflow management tools like is important for organizing proposal efforts.
  • How agencies can demonstrate value even when previous client work is confidential.
  • Why recruiting team members with relevant experience can maximize success in winning new business.
  • How mindset shifts and rigorous proposal processes improve an agency’s win ratios.

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