Gavin Stone is a body language expert with over two decades of experience in the intelligence community, which he now applies to sales strategies. As a best-selling author and a top-ranked expert in his field, Gavin has mastered the art of psychological profiling and non-verbal communication to influence and negotiate effectively.

With Gavin’s guidance, we’ll learn all about the world of non-verbal cues and psychological sales tactics. We’ll be unpacking the strategies used to recruit assets and extract information, revealing how these techniques can unlock success in sales. Gavin also gives tips on how to read people, from their motivations to their subtlest gestures, to build rapport and influence decisions.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • Why do individuals become assets in Gavin’s line of work.
  • Why recognizing personality types is crucial in building relationships.
  • How personal insecurities influence people’s choices and behavior.
  • Why empathy is important in understanding others and not projecting our feelings onto them.
  • How rewarding personality traits can establish trust and rapport.
  • What the “smile campaign” is in intelligence and how it builds relationships.
  • Why selling in real estate is focused on selling dreams, not specifics.
  • Why neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques are vital in influencing and understanding clients.
  • How do visual, auditory, and kinesthetic communication styles affect sales techniques?
  • How pronouns reveal personality types and communication styles.
  • How understanding body language impacts sales effectiveness.
  • Why mirroring body language can be a nuanced sales technique.
  • Interpreting body language to detect deception.
  • How salespeople can ethically profile prospects to understand motivations and influence them.
  • Using the “pace, pace, lead” technique to build comfort and take the lead.

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