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Aggressive negotiation tactics include:

  • Table Thumping — “This is outrageous and nothing close to what I thought we’d agreed!”
  • The Lowball Anchor — “Your services aren’t worth anywhere near $50,000. The most we’re ever going to pay is $30,000, take it or leave it”
  • The Authorisation Trap — “Are you authorised to do a deal with me? Can you sign the contract? If not, you can leave now, there’s the door”
  • The Deadline — “We close out on supplier selection for this project at 09:30 tomorrow, you’d better sharpen your pencil if you want to be in with a chance”
  • The Buffer — “I’ve got a dozen people like you calling me every day, if you won’t yield, I’ll just call one of them back and we’ll do a deal with them”
  • The Gang Negotiator — “You think I’m tough, wait until you meet Jane, she’ll tear you apart; I can hold her off if we can get this deal done now, on my terms”
  • The Constant Chipper — They’re always chipping away at your offer, just because they feel they can
  • The Last-Minute Chipper — aka the Columbo technique — “Before you go, there’s just one more thing”

All of these are carefully designed by trained negotiators to get an emotional reaction from you. Emotions will derail you at the negotiating table and enable your counterparty to claim more value.