Today we’re welcoming Jenny Plant, an expert in training agency account managers, and a former agency account manager herself. With a rich history in the field since the early 90s, she can provide deep insights into client engagement and business growth. She’s also had a stint client-side as a marketing manager and nearly started her own agency after a successful freelance project.

In this episode, we’ll discuss account management and how it can be a game changer for agency growth. Jenny sheds light on how agencies can capitalize on their account management teams to unlock opportunities, enhance client relationships, and drive profitability, all while managing the intricacies of time constraints and pricing models.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • How account management can be leveraged for agency growth and profitability.
  • Why nurturing client relationships is crucial for agency success.
  • What challenges account managers face, such as time constraints and rigid pricing models.
  • Strategies for transforming account managers into champions for growth.
  • Why defining roles using the RACI model benefits account management.
  • How agencies can experience immediate growth by optimizing account management.
  • What common misconceptions exist about account growth and how to overcome them.
  • Why ongoing support and a commercial mindset are vital post-training for account managers.
  • How ChatGPT and other tools can be used for data analysis and identifying solutions.
  • Ways to prioritize high-potential clients for deeper engagement and growth.
  • Why understanding the full range of agency services is key for account managers.
  • How agencies can foster an entrepreneurial spirit within account management teams.
  • The importance of tailored approaches for account directors managing multiple clients.
  • Why intrinsic motivation is necessary for account managers aiming for growth.
  • How a commercial mindset involves understanding pricing strategies and client value creation.

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