Higgle Book

Negotiation Workbook

Negotiation “Higgle” workbook

£139 +VAT per workbook (in beautiful vegan leather)

If you negotiate deals as part of your job, this book will soon become your go-to resource for managing any negotiation, big or small.

When negotiating, people often get stuck purely on price. But there are many other negotiation variables to consider including payment terms, service level agreements, scope, outcomes, outputs, contractual terms. The list goes on.

This workbook will help you prepare and plan out as much as possible, so you can come to the negotiation table in the strongest position possible.

A step-by-step guide including worked examples and your own stash of negotiation worksheets which are blank templates for you to use on your own negotiations.

Section 1

Context, goals & criteria for reaching a deal

Section 2

Ideal timeframe

Section 3

Negotiation deal design

Section 4

Negotiation issues tracker

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