Ted McKenna is a co-founder of DCM Insights and a co-author of the book The JOLT Effect. With a background in research and sales effectiveness, he specializes in B2B sales strategies and customer indecision. His expertise at DCM is built on the analysis of 2.5 million sales conversations, providing insights into the psychology of buying and the dynamics of trust in sales.

In this episode, we’re discussing how sales teams can overcome buyer indecision and fears to close more deals. As AI reshapes the sales landscape, we’re examining strategies to build authentic relationships and become the trusted allies that buyers need in the modern marketplace.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • Why understanding buyer psychology is crucial in overcoming sales indecision.
  • How 2.5 million sales conversations have revealed key strategies for guiding buyers.
  • Why AI and machine learning are reshaping sales strategy, despite skepticism.
  • How to maintain authenticity in sales relationships amid technological advancements.
  • Why the activator archetype is becoming the new beacon of sales success and what exactly it is.
  • How professional service providers can adapt to evolving buyer behaviors.
  • Why addressing fears of failure is essential in unlocking stalled sales deals.
  • How omission bias affects buyer decisions and the role of the JOLT method.
  • Why building a network is crucial for modern B2B sales professionals.
  • How the landscape of professional services is changing due to buyer empowerment.
  • Why trust dynamics between buyers and sellers have evolved and how to adapt.
  • How to use LinkedIn and other resources to enhance B2B sales techniques.
  • Why indecision in buyers has become more prevalent and how to tackle it.

Ted McKenna on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ted-mckenna