Miles Welch is a Partner with Milestone Advisory, a leading advisory firm specialising in growth, fundraising, and M&A for the marketing and related tech sectors. Miles is recognized for his innovative thinking and expertise in digital advertising. As an advisor, he aids agencies in differentiation, growth, and negotiation, ensuring their success in a competitive market.

Alongside Miles, we’ll dissect the intricacies of agency differentiation and share powerful strategies for winning business contracts. Miles also talks about transitioning from cancer research to advertising, crafting unique value propositions, and negotiating effectively to secure and retain clients. We also explore the optimal timing for agencies to enhance a company’s value for potential sales.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • Why diverse experiences contribute to professional expertise, especially in agency differentiation.
  • How to craft a unique value proposition that resonates with clients.
  • Why winning RFP responses and skilled negotiation are critical in agency sales.
  • How early relationship building can prevent common traps in the RFP process.
  • Why understanding a client’s objectives leads to successful negotiation and flexible deal structuring.
  • How agencies align client retention strategies with growth objectives.
  • Ways agencies can enrich the value of a business before market entry.
  • How work-life balance translates into professional success.
  • How to showcase distinctiveness through a clear growth plan and solid sales/marketing engine.
  • Why agencies must avoid the common pitfall of failing to qualify out unfavorable leads.
  • Why it is important to extend client relationships beyond service delivery.
  • How to prepare for and execute effective negotiation strategies in business deals.
  • The advantages of setting desirable and least acceptable outcomes in contract variables.
  • How agencies can help businesses enhance their value ahead of a potential sale.

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