This week we’re joined by Geoff Griffiths, the CEO of Builtvisible. His company is a specialist organic marketing agency. A former professional rugby player, he gives his thoughts on the realm of digital marketing, focusing on team dynamics, resilience, and strategic partnerships. His approach to leadership is heavily influenced by the teamwork and loyalty cultivated on the sports field.

We’ll be discussing the world of high-performance teams and strategic marketing partnerships. We’ll unpack the parallels between sports dynamics and business success, exploring how to navigate the complexities of SEO, and crafting resilient teams that thrive on loyalty and empowerment.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • Why understanding procurement KPIs is crucial for effective negotiations and partnerships.
  • How collective effort is more important than the “star player” in team success.
  • Why resilience, empowerment, and loyalty culture are key to high-performance teams.
  • How education in client relationships shapes the buying and selling of SEO services.
  • Why the trusted advisor model is essential for lasting marketing partnerships.
  • How to navigate the SEO and organic marketing landscape for business growth.
  • Why clear communication with procurement aligns objectives for ROI and risk reduction.
  • How articulating value overcomes price fixation in marketing service negotiations.
  • Why preparation and vulnerability are strategic in long-term partnership negotiations.
  • How Geoff’s transition from sports to boardroom influences his leadership style.
  • Why avoiding commoditization in SEO services is critical for agency success.
  • How fostering a “we before me” mentality can improve agency and client relationships.
  • Why a strategic, consultative sales approach matters in the organic marketing industry.
  • How aligning agency-client interests can prevent the commoditization of services.

Geoff Griffiths on LinkedIn: