Today we’re welcoming Kevin Gibbons, the founder of Re:signal, a strategy-driven SEO and content marketing agency in London. His company works with clients such as Asics and Under Armour, and has just recently launched its US operations.

Kevin shares his journey from being a reluctant salesperson to an overwhelmingly successful entrepreneur and offers insights on his agency’s growth. We’ll explore the nuances of maximizing sales win rates, the art of negotiation, and the significance of empathy in the sales process. Kevin gives an inside look at selling SEO services, revealing the importance of understanding the objectives of the client.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • How to maximize sales win rates in the B2B industry.
  • Why the power of empathy is critical in securing larger clients.
  • Pre-qualifying opportunities to increase win rates.
  • Why understanding the brief and objectives is crucial in pricing and selling SEO services.
  • How to offer flexible pricing options based on the value delivered.
  • Why understanding procurement and effective negotiation is essential.
  • How to revive large deals using effective negotiation tactics.
  • Why preparing in advance for negotiations is so important.
  • How to avoid quickly discounting prices without any exchange.
  • The usefulness of having procurement experience in negotiations.
  • How to reach a mutually beneficial agreement by looking at things from the clients’ side of the table.
  • Why pre-qualification is an essential tool in maximizing sales win rates.
  • How to use a discovery template to build out a sales capability.
  • How to trade, rather than discount, during negotiations.
  • Why procurement should view investments with a return rather than focusing on cost reduction.

Kevin Gibbons on LinkedIn: