Today we’re joined by David Meikle, an author, consultant, intermediary, and trainer. He operates within what he calls the “triangle of doom” in marketing where he acts as an intermediary.

David emphasizes that cost plays too great a role in the marketing space. What the client actually gets is not a return on cost, but rather a return on their investment. David shares with us a better way of approaching this conversation with clients and why it leads to a more effective partnership on both sides.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • The various hats David wears and the space in which he operates.
  • The thesis that evolved into a book in 2017, as well as his latest book Tuning Up.
  • Why he describes himself as a “white glove intermediary” and what it means.
  • Why focusing on cost in marketing does a great disservice to the industry.
  • Why you can’t get a higher return without accepting a higher degree of risk.
  • How to confidently determine the correct investment when working with a client.
  • The difference between working versus non-working expenditures.
  • The word that should be banned across marketing agencies.
  • How to avoid negotiating against yourself and why it matters.
  • What the Kraljic matrix is and how it relates to selling your services.
  • The role intermediaries typically play in the pitch process and how it could be better.
  • The secrets to choosing the right marketing agency for your business with confidence.
  • How David has solved for the problem of selling time as a consultant or agency.
  • The importance of going above the benchmark if your services are above average.

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