Close more sales by learning how to negotiate win-win deals with Procurement

Then this course is for you!

It has been designed and is led by an expert practitioner to answer all these questions… and more!

  • Are you frustrated by Procurement people when you are selling?
  • Do you struggle to negotiate winning deals with Procurement?
  • Are your sales deals collapsing when you meet Procurement?

Step-by-Step guide to winning more sales deals

Learn proven methods to win more sales deals from expert practitioners

Improve your sales conversion results dramatically

If you’re kept awake by any of these questions, then you should attend one of our workshops

  • Are you frustrated when you meet Procurement?
  • Does it feel like you’re navigating a procurement maze without a map?
  • Do you understand the language and tools procurement use when negotiating?
  • Do you know all the methods procurement use to reduce your price and how to overcome them?
  • Does dealing with procurement make your brain hurt?
  • Do you want better long term deals for your company?
  • Does it feel like bureaucracy gone mad?
  • Are you fed up spending days on RFPs, only to find out you never stood a chance in the first place?

Don’t just take our word for it…

Learning to love procurement’ was a day well spent. It really helped me to start to think about buyers in a more constructive, empathetic way. I don’t doubt for one second that I’ll make back the course fee soon, and then some. A great investment and a good day too.

Andy Hayes

Managing Director, Quietroom

Getting Mike’s insight, knowledge and darned good advice is like unpicking a treasure trove. I guarantee everyone around the room will improve their business next time they engage with procurement – which may be sooner than they would have expected before the course!

Alan Cooper

Founder, FreeStyle

Not only did Mike give us a very clear negotiation plan and pragmatic tactics to navigate the minefield, but his read on the situation and communications that were coming back to us were almost always 100% accurate and something we ourselves would never have perceived.

The end result? Not only did we win the deal, we did it on win-win commercial terms thanks to Mike’s amazing support. He turned what could have been an unpleasant situation into one that we actually enjoyed and learned a lot from.

Stephen Cribbett

Founder & CEO, Further

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Learn at your own pace

  • 5 easy to understand Modules
  • Put your new skills to use straight away with our unique, downloadable, negotiation tools
  • In depth case studies and examples
  • Simple, quick reviews to embed your learning
  • This powerful framework can be learned at your own pace. Each module will help you get a better procurement deal

5 Modules

Learn from anywhere anytime

Money back guarantee

What’s inside the course?

Transformational content

Students typically spend just 2 hours a week over 12 weeks to learn what it took our expert course leader >20 years to master.

Downloadable tools

Loads of tools and templates to download and use to get better deals when you are selling to Procurement.

Videos, notes, templates and audio

Applying just one lesson from the hundreds in here could give you a transformational return to your deals.

Course contents

What makes Piscari different?

What makes this course unique is that it starts with the principle that you, the owners or sales lead for an SME, should be able to negotiate with procurement to get great deals done just like huge brands do.

What do I get for my investment?

Everyone has self-doubt when faced with negotiating with a trained professional. This course will transform you by giving you the following knowledge:

  • Understand who these Procurement people are, how they work and what they really want.
  • Apply your new knowledge to get a great deal done with procurement
  • Master negotiating with Procurement and get a great de you and your teams

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