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Strategies for Successful Deal Structures with Andrew Jeffs

On this episode we’re joined by corporate finance advisor Andrew Jeffs. He helps founders effectively approach the process of negotiations and deals when they’re ready to sell their business. Andrew finds his work lively because every client is different, every negotiation is different, and every deal is different. Today, Andrew shares the secrets to successful…

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Showing Authenticity in Negotiations with John Cornwell

On this episode we’re joined by John Cornwell, who is the Chief Commercial Officer at Ogilvy Worldwide. John has been with Ogilvy for a number of years in various roles, but his current one focuses on their commercial strategy, including their pricing strategies, positioning, and training and development. John talks about his experience with, and…

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Moving Beyond Cost: A New Approach to Marketing ROI with David Meikle

Today we’re joined by David Meikle, an author, consultant, intermediary, and trainer. He operates within what he calls the “triangle of doom” in marketing where he acts as an intermediary. David emphasizes that cost plays too great a role in the marketing space. What the client actually gets is not a return on cost, but…

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Client-Led Growth Marketing with Chris Jones of Space & Time

Today we’re joined by Chris Jones, the CEO of Space & Time, which is an independent agency focused on solution-agnostic and client-led growth marketing. Their unique operating model allows them to combine efforts from different areas and provide the most effective solutions for their clients. Chris believes in focusing on output versus input, because what…

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