Sales Training & Consultancy

Sales Training & Consultancy

Piscari Sales Effectiveness consultancy

Sales Process & Dashboard Enhancements

Starting from £5k +VAT

Clients often ask us to review their sales pipeline structure/gating and sales reporting as part of our negotiation training programmes.

We offer this service because improving the rigour around sales pipeline stage progression and more focused reporting leads to increased sales capacity, reduces the length of time leads stay in the pipeline and improves stage-stage conversion rates.

This ultimately improves sales velocity (a critical compound sales KPI) and drives more profitable revenue.

RFP Qualification & Tender Review

Starting from £3,500 +VAT

A big challenge faced by a lot of clients is RFP qualification, then converting their response into winning a piece of business. Having worked with many clients to help them solve this exact problem, we’ve developed a service offering as follows:

  • We review the RFP against a rigorous scoring mechanism to help the client decide if they should bid or no-bid.
  • We review the tender and advise the client about any questions they should submit prior to the deadline.
  • The client writes the tender response document, ensuring they “answer the exam questions” as specified in the tender.
  • We independently review and score the client’s responses in detail using the tender scoring framework provided in the RFP, plus our own extensive experience.
  • We provide feedback to the client to discuss the scores and where they need to improve prior to their submission.
Piscari Sales Effectiveness consultancy

Client Quotes

“I approached Mike after attending a workshop that he ran for business owners. I was attracted by his process-driven approach to enterprise sales and the negotiation involved. We talked through the specific challenges we face at The Drum and Mike quickly came back with a programme tailored for us which included multiple facets such as team training sessions, systems improvement suggestions and one to one sessions for the sales team members. All of this was underpinned by regular update sessions driven by Mike and produced in conjunction with members of the senior team. The whole process has definitely added value to the business through more confident and equipped sales staff and better systems and processes. Mike has deep expertise on his topic and also a joy to work with.”

Diane Young

CEO, The Drum

“Despite having worked in the sector for some 20 years myself, I reached out to Mike to help us ensure that a submission for a complex research project would hit the mark with the commissioner. Mike has been utterly impressive. He dissected the brief and the client’s requirements with razor-sharp focus, and identified exactly what needed to be done to tick each and every procurement box. Mike’s forensic approach and constructive challenge forced us to plug gaps, identify efficiencies and really demonstrate (not just claim) our capabilities and expertise. He also helped us strike the balance right between the technical and commercial aspects of the procurement process. Mike’s expertise is matched by his warmth and general helpfulness. Altogether a hugely supportive experience, with plenty of learning that we can take to the next procurement process.”

Dr Marie-Claude Gervais

Research Director, Versiti

“Mike has been hugely helpful in recent weeks with our approach to sales opportunities and pricing. Using his extensive procurement experience it has really helped make our proposals more clear, our pricing easier to understand and also given us tactics to protect our margins, I couldn’t recommend Piscari more highly.”

Charlie Booth

Sales team manager, Backbone Connect

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