Kristin Gower is the Global President at EssenceMediacom, specializing in B2B marketing. With a background as a competitive horse rider and a rich international career, Kristin brings a wealth of experience in crafting effective B2B strategies. Her insights span across research, strategy, demand management, marketing technology, customer experience, content, and analytics.

With Kristin, we’re exploring the essential pillars of B2B marketing success and discussing how to create impactful client relationships and win competitive tenders. We’ll learn about the art of negotiation and how to elevate our marketing game to not just compete, but to dominate.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • How to streamline service offerings for cost effectiveness while delivering value.
  • The five core pillars of B2B marketing.
  • Aligning marketing automation with tech departments to leverage data and ABM technology.
  • How to reduce marketing duplication while managing complex product lines within B2B organizations
  • Establishing measurement as a baseline expectation for agencies in B2B marketing.
  • How agencies can partner with clients to refine sophisticated measurement practices.
  • Why you must understand nuances behind RFPs to create pitches that address underlying client needs.
  • What must be done to balance strategic thinking with tactical offerings in agency tenders.
  • The importance of chemistry and personal connections in winning competitive tenders.
  • How to align the procurement teams’ objectives to address the needs of all stakeholders in B2B pitches.
  • Why embedding a commercial negotiation mindset within agency teams for profitability and quality delivery.
  • Challenges in competitive tenders, including understanding RFPs and balancing strategy.
  • Emphasizing the importance of data aggregation and creating a unified goal for effective measurement.
  • How agencies demonstrate value and impact through efficient, integrated analytics.
  • Navigating the procurement and marketing teams’ differing objectives in B2B partnerships.
  • How AI is being used for content creation and insights generation in B2B marketing.

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