David Miller is the CEO of Red Brick Road, an innovative strategic and creative agency based in London. With a background that includes taking a leap from stage actor to agency leader, David possesses a tonne of experience in advertising and marketing.

We’re welcoming David this week to discuss the retendering process as well as nurturing client-agency relationships. We’ll touch upon pitching and explore how emotional intelligence plays a vital role in re-securing trust. David explains how agencies can wield the power of optimism, innovation, and AI to keep partnerships strong in the competitive landscape of marketing and advertising.

Topics covered during this episode include:

  • How David transitioned from stage actor to CEO and uses his acting experience in pitching.
  • Why understanding the reasons behind a client’s retender is crucial for incumbents.
  • How agencies can use the pitching process to demonstrate resilience and knowledge.
  • Why emotional intelligence is necessary to navigate team dynamics during client retention efforts.
  • How optimism and realism balance the emotional challenges faced by teams during re-pitches.
  • Why innovation and fresh ideas are essential to impress clients and maintain relevance.
  • How AI is currently influencing proposals and shaping the future of pitches.
  • How frequent feedback and proactive communication contribute to strong agency-client dynamics.
  • Why thought leadership extends an agency’s reach beyond traditional marketing boundaries.
  • How incumbents can leverage their industry knowledge as intellectual capital during pitches.
  • Why the incumbency offers both opportunities and liabilities when re-pitching to clients.
  • Why agencies should seek to influence the tender brief before it is finalized.
  • How relationship building has changed in a virtual environment, plus the strategies to adapt.
  • Why in-person meetings are critical for deepening client relationships.
  • How challenger agencies can outperform incumbents by offering fresh insights and understanding client needs.

David Miller on LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidmiller9